Introductions Are In Order

20170529_200016Hi there!

<stepping up to mic nervously, picture AA meeting>

I’m Sarah, I LOVE living in/near the mountains, and I wrote a children’s book.

OK. So now that that’s out… About 2 years ago I was awake at 3 AM nursing my fourth baby, when I was struck by an idea. It stuck and kept me awake long enough, I finally had to write it down. It was about a boy who, seriously, did NOT want to clean his room. The idea became a story and the story is becoming a book. And I soon as I have my hot little hands on it, I will be beside myself trying to share it with the world. In fact, I’m already bursting at the seams trying not to spoil it!

Anyway, this first book is the catalyst that has started a whole world in my head. Actually, some days it’s more than a bit overwhelming. So bear with me please, as my world gets turned out onto paper so it can be shared.


<and scared!>